Takes a moment to install. Lasts a lifetime. Can be recycled for eternity.

A moment. A lifetime. An eternity. Three distinctions you do not think of when buying gutters. Well, you should.



A moment
Grøvik’s gutter systems fit together easily and are light in weight. This makes them simple and quick to assemble. With a little guidance, you can install them yourself, in a moment. They are also cost effective compared to competing products.


A lifetime
Grøvik’s gutter systems are an investment for life. Grøvik® has over 60 years of experience in a harsh climate. Gutters that were installed in 1956 are just as good-looking today. Our systems are acclaimed by professionals. Aluminum does not rust. Untreated, your gutters will eventually have a beautiful silver-gray patina.


An eternity
Grøvik’s gutter systems are produced from 100% recycled aluminum. This means that the aluminum used in Grøvik’s gutters has had a previous life. In fact, this is a material that has eternal life, because aluminum can be recycled over and over again. It is 100% recyclable – and recycling requires only five percent of the energy required to produce aluminum for the first time.




The water master, the market leader

Being a leader in the gutter market in the inclement Scandinavian climate requires flexibility and adaptability. With more than 60 years of experience in a harsh and wet climate, Grøvik® has proven that our product is the water master.

Our gutters, joint systems and downpipes all fit together easily and precisely. We have an extremely wide selection of parts in the standard selection, which makes the Grøvik gutter the perfect choice to fit anywhere and everywhere. In addition, we supply special colours of gutter painted as desired to order.


We produce non-standard fittings for many of our customers, and we’re unique in being able to deliver special welded angles of gutters and pipes or other bespoke parts, quickly and inexpensively. We are a relatively small organisation and this enables us to have open and timely dialogue direct with our customers regarding new products and solutions.

Strong and durable for a demanding climate

Grøvik’s gutter systems are Norwegian-made from 100% recycled aluminum. Aluminum is the perfect material for the harsh Norwegian climate. Our gutter systems are unique in terms of their combination of durability and strength. None of our parts are made of material below 0.9 mm thickness – ensuring solid strength throughout the system.



Sustained sustainability

Gutters from Grøvik are sustainable in a double sense. Strength, flexibility and durability are reflected in the company, the product and our production techniques. In addition to having a gutter system that is produced from 100% recycled aluminum, our production line is 100% green – with zero emissions.

Our thick and flexible aluminum products ensure low weight and efficient installation are combined in the one robust solution. Indeed, we have gutter hooks that can withstand a load of up to 260kg – the equivalent of a full-grown sumo wrestler, or more practically, quite large amounts of snow and ice.