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You can enter data in the fields below in order to find out which type of gutter you should choose.

Roof surface

Roof surface in sq. metres Use the nearest whole number, not decimals.

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Number of downpipes:

If you have a downpipe in the middle of the gutter, you should enter two downpipes for the calculation to be correct.

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Precipitation intensity:

0.013 litres per second (l/s) is the average for Norway and will be used as the basis for the calculation if this is not specified.

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Your gutter must have a capacity of l/s

We have no gutters with this capacity

You can choose between the following guttering systems


1.31 l/s

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1.44 l/s

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1.57 l/s

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2.26 l/s

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To match your needs you wold need more downpipes. Please go back to add more.

The downpipes that usually go with the guttering systems are N-70 for T-100, T-120 and T-125, and N-85 for T-150. The downpipes have large capacity in relation to the gutters and will not be a limiting factor when using this calculator.

Please note that this is an indicator that can be used for ordinary buildings / houses. If the location of the building is such that special considerations apply, for example entrances to public buildings, a risk of damp damage etc. or if the downpipes have long sections with little gradient, information can be found in European Standard NS-EN 12056-3.